Our Mission

If you believe raising well-adjusted, resilient kids is harder than ever, you’re not alone! And your belief is supported by research.

According to a study by Jean Twenge at San Diego State University, “... more and more young people experience poor mental health and psychopathology, possibly due to an increased focus on money, appearance, and status rather than on community and close relationships.

And while this has been the trend for over 50 years, it seems to be accelerating. So what’s going on?

Instead of “finding something to do” outside, reading a book, or playing a board game, our kids are spending more of their downtime staring at screens. And in spite of the many benefits, our devices are changing how we socialize and interact, making it harder to build real-world relationships.

As a result, and all too often, we see kids who can’t focus, don’t know how to manage their emotions, and have trouble interacting with their peers.

How We Can Help

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