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Coping Skills for Gifted Students


Q: Our gifted child easily breaks down at even the smallest problems. And when he’s stressed out because of worries about a new homework assignment or anticipation about a big soccer tournament, he’s a wreck, even explosive, when he interacts with us or his siblings. How can we help [...]

Coping Skills for Gifted Students2019-06-17T14:11:14-04:00

Worksheet to Help Kids Learn to Identify Feelings


Fun fact: a lot of people believe that chameleons change color to match their surroundings (for camouflage), but they actually change color to show their moods and feelings. Understanding how to identify feelings is the first step kids take in learning how manage their emotions.  In this coloring worksheet, your [...]

Worksheet to Help Kids Learn to Identify Feelings2019-06-17T14:42:05-04:00

A Worksheet to Help your Child with Growth Mindset


Maybe you've heard the term "Growth Mindset" made famous by researcher and author Carol Dweck. According to Dweck, with "... growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point." Unfortunately, many kids (and adults) [...]

A Worksheet to Help your Child with Growth Mindset2019-06-17T14:44:03-04:00

Learning the Difference Between Big and Small Emotions


Do you ever "lose it" over something really small and insignificant? Of course, we all do. But many times, when we have an big reaction to a small problem, it's a sign that something else is bugging us. Logically, we understand, but in the moment the emotion just spills [...]

Learning the Difference Between Big and Small Emotions2019-06-17T14:41:10-04:00

Activity to Practice Filtering Thoughts


Let's face it—Kids can be brutally honest. And while telling the truth is a good thing, saying EXACTLY what you are thinking can often lead to hurt feelings. That's why we need to help kids learn how to filter their thoughts before them blurting out. For this activity, we [...]

Activity to Practice Filtering Thoughts2019-06-17T14:44:28-04:00