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Helping Your Child Overcome Negative Thinking


Q: Whether it’s a test at school or a new step at dance class, my daughter doesn’t think she can do anything well. She always seems to be spiraling down into this pit of negative thinking, and it’s preventing her from accomplishing or finishing just about anything. There are [...]

Helping Your Child Overcome Negative Thinking2019-07-01T09:06:27-04:00

Bored at School


Q: When I ask my gifted child how school is each day, he almost always responds by saying this: “Really, really boring.” I’m not surprised. His math and reading skills are way above grade level, and I’m sure he just isn’t being challenged. But, making matters worse, we’re now [...]

Bored at School2019-07-01T09:09:38-04:00

Perfectionist Child


Q: My child is a gifted student and an absolute perfectionist. She knows the material, but often can’t seem to complete the work because she worries it won’t be just right. She’s an excellent writer, yet she couldn’t even write the first paragraph of an assignment without tears because [...]

Perfectionist Child2019-07-01T09:09:53-04:00

Coping Skills for Gifted Students


Q: Our gifted child easily breaks down at even the smallest problems. And when he’s stressed out because of worries about a new homework assignment or anticipation about a big soccer tournament, he’s a wreck, even explosive, when he interacts with us or his siblings. How can we help [...]

Coping Skills for Gifted Students2019-06-29T13:20:43-04:00