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Helping Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

As a parent or caregiver to a child with Autism, you are well aware of the challenges they face every day.

But many of these challenges happen at school where you aren’t able to help.

What if you could help your child build independent problem solving skills and self-confidence to handle these school-based challenges using an effective, affordable online tool?

Introducing Stories in Motion

At only $10, Stories in Motion is a modest investment to help your child. In this interactive program, kids create personalized stories around 12 common school scenarios, including dealing with anxiety, friendship, listening, personal space, and more.

In the example below, kids react to a bullying situation on the playground.

How would your child react if asked to do something inappropriate, embarrassing, or even dangerous?

Stories in Motion helps students think through these scenarios before they experience them in real life.

And an assistant provides positive reinforcement along the way.

Once they complete a story, your child can print a personalized comic book containing the entire story and a highlight card with the key points to use as prompts.