Zoo U: For Students in Grades 2 – 4

As a parent, raising your child to be self-confident and have high self-esteem is one of your most important jobs. You do your best to teach them, but many life lessons happen outside of your view, and some of those lessons can be painful.

For example, it hurts to see your child struggling to make friends. When they tell you about the birthday party they weren’t invited to or the classmate that made fun of them, it breaks your heart. 

And when they do make friends, you worry about the influence those friends have. Will your child make the best choices when you are not around?

What if you could watch your child and see their interactions in over 30 different social scenarios? With the help of our online social and emotional skills game, Zoo U, you can!

 “My son has been able to use what he has learned in Zoo U with real life situations he has had at school. For example, he learned about conflict resolution in the game and was then able to apply what he learned when he got into an argument with his friend.” – Marc Morgan, Director of Programs at Denver Kids and parent of a 4th grader

In Zoo U, kids encounter common social challenges in a simulated school environment and receive feedback from Principal Wild. As an example, the scene below depicts a classmate being teased.